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Become a Zamler or Collector

Zamler in Yiddish  (Zamler) is the Yiddish word for compiler.

It means a person who gathers scattered things in order to form a collection. Usually, Zamlers make their collections pursuing a mission, passionately committed to their purpose. Therefore, to be a Zamler is considered an honor, according to Yiddish traditions.

Being the Jewish Music Archive the first folk music library we launched back in 2000, Zamler has remained the denomination for our music collectors all over the world. They are also called Arrokojedores, which is the Ladino equivalent for Zamler or, simply Collectors.

We invite you to Become a Zamler and help us save our music.

  • Be our lifeline to your community.
  • Help us get our message out.
  • Help us find the records whether they are in a grandmother's house, in an attic, or in a private collection.

They are there waiting to be found and brought to life on the Internet where they can become easily available to future generations.

A Zamler is not expected to raise funds, but Save The Music would appreciate being directed to people who are interested in making a monetary contribution.

In recognition of your effort, your name and photo will have an honored place on this site and proper credits will be given in the collections you help us put together.

Your work will be rewarded by the recognition you receive from your community from Save the Music, and from our visitors around the world.

You will experience the satisfaction of knowing you have made a lasting contribution that will nurture the roots of new generations.

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