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Trio Sefardi
Trio Sefardi Formed in 2010 to bring Sephardic music to wider audiences, Trio Sefardi members have performed and recorded with Flory Jagoda, La Rondinella, and the Western Wind. Based in Northern Virginia, they have performed at the National Gallery of Art, the Library of Congress, Kennedy Center, JCCs and synagogues, and music festivals around the DC area. They have recorded two CDs. Available to perform at Concerts, Festivals and Private Events in US, Canada, Europe and Latin America in Ladino.
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: Howard Bass
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 703-635-0273
Address: 5515 18th Road North Arlington, Virginia, 22205 USA

Vanessa Paloma
Vanessa Paloma A beautiful soaring voice which transports you to deep places within yourself. She is accompanied by herself on medieval harp and virginal or by the group Flor de Serena with guitar, percussion, bass and flute. Vanessa is available for performances in USA, Israel and Latin America in Spanish and Ladino.
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: Vanessa Paloma
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 310-497-5137
Address: P.O. Box 35455 Los Angeles, CA. 90035 USA

Yael Gmach
Yael Gmach Born in Paris in 1970, I immigrated to Canada from 1975 to 1979. I was back in Paris from 1979 to 1981 and moved to San Diego where I live since 1981.
After studying at UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, I started as an animal nurse, with a proper diploma of technician. In parallel, I managed to create a clientele of framing for paintings and photos. I left my day job for the framing company and created "Once Upon A Frame".
At the same time, my guitar technique improved day by day, as well as admiration for Sara Vaughan, John Baez and whole group of singer-songwriters with a message.
Why is what I have embarked on since October of 2008. A musical surprise really. I don’t quite know how I myself did NOT know that I could write songs. A song. I could not fathom how!
The process, the method, the way...HOW? But somehow, I wrote one, one day last October 2008.
And I was even satisfied with it. Satisfied, or floored in fact, as it didn’t even sound half bad for a first song from a first time songwriter. But still, I could not fathom how to write, yes, another song. Well I did. I wrote another. Truthfully, it was nicer and sweeter than the first, in all ways. And truthfully again, I thought “two is good”. I can feel good about two, besides I CANNOT fathom how a third song would get written!
How another song would come! Well it did and gradually, finally, after the fifth song, I realized that I liked this adventure, that I had found an art, and one that I could offer back to my friend’s ears; one I could do just to contribute to the world of inspiration and expression.

Available to perform Worldwide at Concerts, Festivals, Private Events, Cafes and Bars in English and French.

Contact Information:
Booking Contact: David Gmach
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1.858.457.4353
Address: 2831 Curie Pl San Diego, CA. 92122 US

Yana Ovtruskaya
Yana Ovtruskaya Yana performs in Russian and Yiddish like a soloist or like a member of quartette "Ashkenazim".
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: Yana Ovtruskaya
Email: [email protected]
Phone: -8592
Address: Spartakovskaya street, 21a-12 Kazan, Tatarstan, 420107 Russia

Yardena y Son Ladino
Yardena y Son Ladino A party or gathering? Make it truly memorable with live music. Whether as a duo, with her quartet, or as a larger group, Yardena's sounds can gear up from a gentle background performance to rousing sentiments, including all the way to flat-out foot-twitching excitement. Let Yardena set just the right tone, carefully tailoring her ensemble’s size, instrumentation, and rich repertoire of Jazz, Latin, Swing, Classics, and Blues, to your special requirements. Yardena performs in Ladino
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: Yardena y Son Ladino
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (305)-892-1350
Address: 6e 36th st. New York City, NY, 10016 USA
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