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Eleanora Noga Alberti
Eleanora Noga Alberti Argentinian soprano of relevant international career in the chamber song field and in works for soloist and orchestra, with a wide spectrum of languages and styles. Mme. Alberti performs in Ladino, Spanish, French and Italian

Eleonori In an intimate atmosphere, past times come alive. Yiddish Song is about happiness, love, sadness, humour, nostalgia and longing. Eleonori performs in Yiddish and Ladino.
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: Eleonori
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020-6317551
Address: P.O.B. 16952 Amsterdam, N-H, 1001 RL Netherlands

Elias Ladino Ensemble, The
Elias Ladino Ensemble, The The Elias Ladino Ensemble is one of the very few groups that learned to sing Ladino since infancy,while growing up in a Ladino dominant home. The Elias Ladino Ensemble is available for performances worldwide.
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: Elias Ladino Ensemble, The
Email: [email protected]
Phone: USA 609-655-3930
Address: 79 Harwood Rd Monroe Twp, New Jersey-08831 USA

Elisheva Edelson
Elisheva Edelson Deeply involved in saving Jewish Music. Aknowledge as an excellent ambassador for the Jewish Music in Mexico. Warm, sensible, gracious and humble performer on stage. Mrs. Edelson performs in Yiddish, Ladino Hebrew, English, French and Spanish and is available for presentations everywhere in the world.
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: Elisheva Edelson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 619 341 3225
Location: California USA

Ensemble M'chaiya (tm)
Ensemble M'chaiya (tm) Founded in 1983, Chicagoland?s first revival Klezmer band tours internationally, getting everyone?s heart and feet dancing to Klezmer tunes set to Gypsy grooves, rhythmic Sephardic (can do entire shows of Sephardic music!) and swinging Yiddish songs, and energetic Israeli dance tunes. Band members band lead participants through fun line and circle traditional dances. This acoustic band has a distinctive sound to match its eclectic repertoire and may be the only Klezmer band in the world using the highly expressive end-blown Bulgarian Flute (Kaval) as a main instrument alongside a Mandolin, Guitar, and various types of percussion with two singers. (That is just the core trio! When requested, the band can add Acoustic Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Trombone, and Clarinet.) Available to perform worldwide in Concerts, Festivals, Private Events, Cafes and Bars in Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew, English, French, Turkish and Danish.
Contact Information:
Booking Contact: T. Doehrer
Phone: 001 (847) 864-1022
Address: PO Box 6473 Evanston, IL 60204-6473 USA
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