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 Instruments requested for donation

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Instruments requested for donation
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drum set
Finder: kevin cruz (Add in English)
Phone: 336-372-5745
Location: sparta, North Carolina, United States.

I am requesting a drum set. Does not really matter what kind except something that is playable. I am a former drummer myself, i used to own a tama swingstar but saw myself needing the money and had to sell for a very low price. Now i will be a freshman in college and unfortunately cant afford not even a used one. I would appreciate it if anyone had anything to offer. I miss playing my favorite instrument and have no money for one. thank you for taking the time to read this request. thank you,

k. cruz
drum set
Finder: mikel santiago (Add in English)
Phone: 4079224930
Location: kissimmee, Georgia, United States.

i am looking for a drum set in good condition that i can use to play at some local churches. i live in kissimmee florida and i am 15 years old. i am currently playing drums for my youth group and we wish to expand our worship to other churches but the congregation from my church wont let us use it on the road. i have my 1st perfomance next sunday february 7th 2010 and i am in desprate need of it. we have posponed 3 times already and we cant hold off anymore. please help us. i am willing to pay for shipping if neccessary. anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.
thank you.
Drum Set
Finder: Rickey Potter (Add in English)
Phone: 912-223-6194
Location: Brunswick, Georgia, United States.

I am looking for a set of Drum for my Church ( which can be verfied ) We have a set of Roland TD5 now but it was given to us years ago and after we had it repair we could brought a new set. But now it is just worn compleltely out and plays on its own sometimes. If anyone could help I know God would bless you.

Please Help us
drum set
Finder: Tania Mannion (Add in English)
Phone: 530-632-9882
Location: Winters, California, United States.

Winters is a town of approximately 6,000 residents with one high school of approximately 500 students, grades 9-12. We are a small program, but so far have remained standing in spite of the bad economy.

We are looking for your assistance in replacing a drum set that was stolen this past year. The drum set is used primarily for our band program performances, and occasionally by other school groups as deemed necessary and appropriate. We simply need a decent drum set for a high school level band.

By the way, since the theft of this drum set and other equipment at our school, the district has finally installed security cameras at our site. Therefore, we expect to deter any possible future theft.
Drum set
Finder: Mynor Contreras (Add in Spanish)
Phone: (415) 678-6297
Location: Estados Unidos.

Drum set in good condition for my daugther
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