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 Instruments requested for donation

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Instruments requested for donation
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Finder: Robert Aleman (Add in English)
Phone: 210-396-6285
Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States.

I am currently looking for an instrument (trumpet); for a 1st year band student. The child is 10 years old and does not have means to purchase an insturment. A donation of a useable trumpet would be greatly appreciated and very much needed.
Finder: Debra French (Add in English)
Phone: 281-589-1109
Location: Missouri City, Texas, United States.

My son, Gerrald wants to pay the trumpet or trumbone in the 6th grade school band. 7706 Ellis Dr, Missouri City, TX 77489
Finder: sherita wilson (Add in English)
Phone: 901-252-0388
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

I am a single mom that has insteal music in my childens life, last year my oldest son started playing a trumpet.which he loved two months before the school was out. three boys kept hitting him in the face trying to him fright and join there gang he kept walking until he was safe. the boys were charge. my son lost two teeth and they broke four, that i had to pay christian is a much better school with his teeth fixed.he just in band now he needs another trumpet. i refuse to let them take that from him.if anyone has a trumpet christian would love it.
Finder: Marc Lumley (Add in English)
Phone: 210-269-0049
Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States.

I am the band director at the KIPP Aspire Academy, a free college prep school for inner-city youth, in San Antonio, Texas. I am looking for 30 trumpets, 30 trombones, 30 alto saxes, a Bb marching french horn, 3 bass guitars and a vibrophone for my program. If you can help I would love to hear form you. Willing to pay delivery or pick up if close by.
Finder: Angela (Add in English)
Phone: 518-392-5924
Location: United States.

i am in desperate need of a a trumpet for my son. he is in the 6th grade band and doesnt have one. I am a full-time student with 2 other children and cant afford one. please help my son
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