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 Instruments requested for donation

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Instruments requested for donation
Your search for Guitar yielded the following 6 results:

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Finder: Sonya Parker (Add in English)
Phone: 916-921-1428
Location: Sacramento, California, United States.

What ever donation possible my son is in desperate need of a guitar. He really wants to learn but I cant afford one right no.So I dont know when he'll get on.
Finder: janenette holland (Add in English)
Phone: 336-207-9954
Location: greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

My son is three and will be four in August..he will begin pre-school and will begin guitar lessons. So, I guess, a guitar small enough for him to hold and anything that would helpful for him to learn to play.

home #: 336-375-7057
Finder: kayla (Add in English)
Phone: 6015494860
Location: hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.

one thats free and in my area ,good condition,not broken
Finder: Alan king (Add in English)
Phone: +212667748395
Location: boston.
Finder: Kayanna Ottaway (Add in English)
Phone: 8144382274
Location: difc, Pennsylvania, United States.

I have a young woman in my youth group here in Union City Pa, who love music. She is a great girl , with a great voice as well. i am looking for a guitar for her and noticed you ad. She is in High school and attends L80/ Zeo Youth group. She deserves this gift so much. she is a hard worker and helps her community. Her name Alicia Allen. She keeps telling how much she want to play her guitar and then the other day I offered to have it fixed and she said Oh its a child's guitar. It made me think i can probably fix that for her. I know she would play it with all her heart. If you are willing to give it to her you can call me at 8144382274 or just email me. Thank you so much
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