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 Instruments offered for donation

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Instruments offered for donation
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Finder: Stacey (Add in English)
Phone: 937-304-7685
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States.

I am looking for a clarinet(any type); for my son who is 10 and just started in 5th grade band. He loves music and I cannot afford to buy him one at this time. The school where he attends does not have enough money to purchase all the needed instruments for the children in the music program. Please help save the music. Thanks.
Finder: Eric Carlson (Add in English)
Location: Michigan.

Evette clainet. Plastic body. Includes pad saver system. Case has slight crack but works fine. Recipient pays shipping.
Finder: Erika Hanson (Add in English)
Phone: 714 335 6459
Location: Tustin, CA, California, United States.

I have an ~12 year old Selmar CL300 clarinet in a blue cloth case. It has not been used for the past 8 years or so as the middle school band days are long since over. It looks a wee bit tarnished from lack of care but is in good condition over all.
Finder: Michael (Add in English)
Location: Slingerlands, New York, United States.

I have a clarinet that Iused to play many years ago. I do not know it's current condition-. I'd be willing to mail it at my espense and if anyone can use it great.-
Finder: Bernadette Davis (Add in English)
Location: Pennsylvania.

I have a clarinet to donate, but it is an older one, about 30 years old. It has been kept in the house so has not been exposed to extreme temperatures, etc. As far as I know it is in good working order, but I do not know about instruments to know what kind of maintenance it might need. Email me if interested. I will pay shipping.
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