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Jewish Songs: Kol Nidre

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Jewish Songs: Kol Nidre

Found 17 Versions of Kol Nidre
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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-67 Kol Nidre
101 Strings Orchestra Sholom Secunda 8:07 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-146 Kol Nidre
Allan Michelson Sholom Secunda 6:08 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-34 Kol Nidre
Benedict Silberman Sholom Secunda 2:38 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-97 Kol Nidre
Benedict Silberman Sholom Secunda 2:37 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-250 Kol Nidre
Benjamin Z. Maissner Sholom Secunda 5:52 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-325 Kol Nidre
Deborah Katchko-Gray 4:05 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-283 Kol Nidre
Gershon Sirota Sholom Secunda 1:56 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-20 Kol Nidre
Gerson Sirota Sholom Secunda 4:00 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-201 Kol Nidre
Hasidic Cappella and andrei andrianov Sholom Secunda 4:31 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-102 Kol Nidre
Jan Peerce Sholom Secunda 5:00 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-31 Kol Nidre
László Sándor Sholom Secunda 6:48 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-280 Kol Nidre
Meshugga Beach Party Sholom Secunda 2:16 Israeli Folk Instrumental
STM-283 Kol Nidre
Moishe Oysher Sholom Secunda 2:53 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-23 Kol Nidre
Moses J. Silverman Sholom Secunda 5:07 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-38 Kol Nidre
Richard Tucker Sholom Secunda 10:43 Liturgical Hebrew
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