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Jewish Songs: Ani Maamin

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Jewish Songs: Ani Maamin

Found 10 Versions of Ani Maamin
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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-80 Ani Maamin
Emma Schaver Mordechai Weiss 4:20 Hebrew
STM-103 Ani Maamin
Jan Peerce Mordechai Weiss 3:51 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-178 Ani Maamin
Jazan Moshe Mendelson Mordechai Weiss 3:11 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-296 Ani Maamin
Judith Levy Mordechai Weiss 2:09 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-300 Ani Maamin
Levi Mordechai 3:52 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-44 Ani Maamin
Samuel B. Taube Mordechai Weiss 3:45 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-19 Ani Maamin
Samuel Vigoda Mordechai Weiss 4:14 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-50 Ani Maamin
Samuel Vigoda Mordechai Weiss 4:19 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-45 Ani Maamin
The Or Chodosh Mordechai Weiss 4:27 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-36 Ani Maamin
Wilhelm Silber Mordechai Weiss 4:45 Liturgical Hebrew