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Jewish Songs Performed By Stefani Valadez

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Jewish Songs Performed By Stefani Valadez

About Stefani Valadez
Stefani Valadez An unforgettable singer/performer whose haunting, soulful voice will linger on, long after you have been entranced and entertained . . . Singer, guitarist, songwriter, Stefani Valadez offers a rich repertoire of soulful romantic, enchanting melodies, including songs from many nations. A third generation musician, Stefani has an international following of fans who have thrilled to her deep, haunting voice and the wide range of musical and ethnic lore she incorporates in her performances. ...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-217 A Nign
Stefani Valadez 2:58 Israeli Folk Instrumental
STM-217 A Nign (reprise)
Stefani Valadez 1:14 Israeli Folk Hebrew
STM-217 Avre tu puerta cerrada
Stefani Valadez 2:18 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-217 Durme, Durme
Stefani Valadez 5:09 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-221 Durme, Durme
Stefani Valadez 4:02 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-221 E' Doce Morrer No Mar
Stefani Valadez 3:40 Sephardi Folk Portuguese
STM-221 E' Precise Perdoar
Stefani Valadez 4:15 Portuguese
STM-221 Estrada Do Sol
Stefani Valadez 3:03 Portuguese
STM-221 From Clare To Here
Stefani Valadez 4:48 Sephardi Folk English
STM-217 Ha' Azino Tafiloti
Stefani Valadez 3:09 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-217 Hamavdil
Stefani Valadez 3:18 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-217 Hija Mia Mi Kerida
Stefani Valadez 3:15 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-217 Hineh Ma Tov
Stefani Valadez 3:02 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-221 Ken Es Akeyo De La Meniana
Stefani Valadez 3:03 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-217 La Serena
Stefani Valadez 4:38 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
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