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Jewish Songs Performed By Savel Kwartin

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Jewish Songs Performed By Savel Kwartin

About Zevulun Kwartin (Savel Kwartin)
Savel Kwartin Most famous Chazanim have tenor voices. One who was endowed with a glorious high baritone, was the great Zavel Kwartin. Kwartin was born on 25th March 1874 in Chonorod, Elisabetgrad, Russia, to a wealthy Chassidic textile merchant. From a very early age he exhibited a beautiful voice and his father took him to the famous Chazan, Yerucham Hakatan (also known as Yerucham Blindman), to hear his son sing and get a professional opinion of his abilities. According to Zavel's own account, the...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-21 Adon Olam
Savel Kwartin Arie Sachs 3:04 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-21 Hazur Tomim Puuloi
Savel Kwartin 2:36 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-21 L'khu N'rannenu
Savel Kwartin 2:33 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-21 N'Kadekh
Savel Kwartin 2:36 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-21 Rosh Khodesh Nison
Savel Kwartin 2:46 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-51 Tihair Rabbi Yishmael
Savel Kwartin 4:05 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-51 V'al Yadei
Savel Kwartin 3:56 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-21 Veal Yedei
Savel Kwartin 2:28 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-21 Yigdal
Savel Kwartin 3:55 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-21 Yishtabakh
Savel Kwartin 3:30 Liturgical Hebrew