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Jewish Songs Performed By Mickey Katz

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Jewish Songs Performed By Mickey Katz

About Mickey Katz
Mickey Katz Mickey Katz. Born June 15, 1909 in Cleveland, Ohio . Died April 30, 1985. Long before Allan Sherman and Woody Allen showered the public with Yiddish slang -- and decades before the klezmer revival breathed new life into a once-popular ethnic music -- a little clarinetist with a lot of chutzpah blazed the trail, exposing "crossover" audiences to the language and the melodies of his forebears with a series of English-Yiddish parody records. Being Jewish "was always popular in...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-87 Bar Mitzveh Special
Mickey Katz Lewis Singer, Nat Farber 2:47 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-87 Berele's Sherele
Mickey Katz Benny Gil, Nat Farber 2:00 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-104 Chinatown, My Chinatown
Mickey Katz Jean Schwartz, William Jerome 2:16 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-104 Downtown Strutters'Ball
Mickey Katz Shelton Brooks 2:09 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-87 Freylakh Jamboree
Mickey Katz Mickey Katz 2:46 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-87 Grandma's Draidel
Mickey Katz Nat Farber, Mickey Katz 2:36 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-104 Holidays
Mickey Katz Mickey Katz 2:45 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-104 It's A Mikhaye in Hawaiye
Mickey Katz Mickey Katz 2:37 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-104 K'nock Around The Clock
Mickey Katz Jimmy De Knight, Max C. Freedman 2:05 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-87 Keneh Hora
Mickey Katz Nat Farber, Mickey Katz 2:05 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-104 Knish Doctor
Mickey Katz Ross Bagdassarian 2:26 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-87 Litvak Square Dance
Mickey Katz Mickey Katz 2:23 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-87 Mamalieghe Dance
Mickey Katz Nat Farber, Mickey Katz 2:07 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-87 Mazl Tov Dances
Mickey Katz Nat Farber, Mickey Katz 2:56 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-87 Mendel's Song
Mickey Katz Mickey Katz, Emanuel Klein 3:06 Jewish Folk Yiddish
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