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Jewish Songs Performed By Leibu Levin

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Jewish Songs Performed By Leibu Levin

About Leibu Levin
Leibu Levin Leibu Levin was born in the town of Kimpelung, Bukovina, in 1914. From 1919 he lived in Czernowitz. He studied Yiddish language and literature in the Seminar of the "Yiddisher Shul-Farayn" and at the same time started to appear with recitals of Yiddish prose and poetry, often singing his own melodies. Levin's first recitals were warmly acclaimed by the linguist and philologist Dr. H. Gininger. In a long article, published in the Bucharest literary magazine "Di Vokh" on...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-213 A Hoykher Boyn
Leibu Levin Sh. Driz 2:24 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-333 A letter from Russia
Leibu Levin 4:49 Yiddish Folk
STM-333 A polka-mazurka
Leibu Levin 2:08 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 A Polke-mazurke
Leibu Levin A. Lutzky 2:34 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-333 A tall tree, a beautiful tree, a strong tree
Leibu Levin 3:11 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-333 Autumn
Leibu Levin 2:55 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 Az Du Vest Batsoln, Bruder...
Leibu Levin Moyshe Leyb Halpern 3:15 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 Di Balade Funem Farloyrenem Shefele
Leibu Levin Itzik Manger 5:48 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 Ele Bele
Leibu Levin Zelik Berditshever 3:18 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-333 Ele-Bele
Leibu Levin 2:52 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 Ergets Vayt
Leibu Levin H. Leivick 4:40 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 Harbst
Leibu Levin Itzik Manger 2:53 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 Hashivenu Elekho
Leibu Levin Khayele Grober 3:19 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-213 Kinder-yorn
Leibu Levin Itzik Manger 2:19 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-333 Laptshes
Leibu Levin 2:08 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
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