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Jewish Songs Performed By Leibele Waldman

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Jewish Songs Performed By Leibele Waldman

About Louis "Leibele" Waldman (Leibele Waldman)
Leibele Waldman (1907 - 1969) Born in New York in an era when the sanctuary was truly the spiritual home, Cantor Waldman became imbued with the soulful prayers, chassidic melodies, and the religious spirit of our people. Since the age of nine, when Cantor Waldman first served as "Sh'liach Tzibbur" (Cantor literally, messenger of the congregation), Jewish congregations and audiences have been uplifted ecstatically and thrilled musically by a brilliant lyric baritone voice which has an impassioned...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-11 A Question
Leibele Waldman 4:38 Liturgical Yiddish
STM-9 Ad Heino
Leibele Waldman 4:36 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-10 Al Tiroh Mipakhad Pisom
Leibele Waldman 4:10 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-9 Ashrei
Leibele Waldman 4:25 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-10 Atoh Yodea
Leibele Waldman 5:11 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-12 B'Rosh Hashoneh
Leibele Waldman Sholom Secunda 6:09 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-12 Birkos Kohanim
Leibele Waldman 6:07 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-10 Brukhoh
Leibele Waldman 2:27 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-8 Der Khazn In Der Shul
Leibele Waldman Avrom Singer 5:27 Liturgical Yiddish
STM-8 Di Naye Velt
Leibele Waldman Avrom Singer 4:50 Liturgical Yiddish
STM-11 Dos Fleshl
Leibele Waldman 3:40 Liturgical Yiddish
STM-12 Habeit Mishamayim Ur'ei
Leibele Waldman W. Bogzester 6:20 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-9 Hashomayim Shomayim Lashem
Leibele Waldman 4:08 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-15 Hashomayim Shomayim Lashem
Leibele Waldman 4:15 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-10 Hineni
Leibele Waldman 6:03 Liturgical Hebrew
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