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Jewish Songs Performed By Joseph Shlisky

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Jewish Songs Performed By Joseph Shlisky

About Joseph Shlisky
Joseph Shlisky Kidnapped as a young child, 'discovered' while working in a factory, feted as one of America's top line Cantors, and stricken down at the age of 40. Truly the stuff of a great novel, and if the recorded history is to be believed, Joseph Shlisky had one of the most theatrical lives of all the Chazanim recorded here so far. Born in Ostrowce, Poland, like so many young Jewish boys who could sing, Joseph Shlisky joined the local Shul choir as a small child. At the age of seven he was virtually...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-28 Av Horakhamim
Joseph Shlisky 4:20 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 B'Rosh Hashoneh
Joseph Shlisky Sholom Secunda 4:15 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 Hineni Heoni Mimaas
Joseph Shlisky 4:10 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 L'olom Y'hey Odom
Joseph Shlisky 6:35 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 Mizmor L'Dovid
Joseph Shlisky 4:15 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 Ono B'Khoakh
Joseph Shlisky 4:35 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 Retzei Viminukhosaynu
Joseph Shlisky 4:15 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 Tanyo
Joseph Shlisky 2:45 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-28 Tikanto Shabos
Joseph Shlisky 10:53 Liturgical Hebrew