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Jewish Songs Performed By Israel Schorr

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Jewish Songs Performed By Israel Schorr

About Israel Schorr
Israel Schorr One of the most well-known concert items in the Cantors' repertoire is "Sheyibaneh Bet Hamikdash," that was popularised by Chazan Moshe Kussevitsky. However, it's only aficionados who will be aware that the composer, Chazan Israel Schorr, also recorded it himself. The association of Kussevitsky with this piece demonstrates how composers often get forgotten, while the performers of their works can become famous. People who don't know too much about the background to Chazanut will...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-35 Av Horakhamim Hu Y'rakhem
Israel Schorr 7:26 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-35 Hateh Elokhai Ozn'kho
Israel Schorr 4:09 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-35 L'fikhokh Anakhnu Khayovim
Israel Schorr 4:09 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-35 Ribon Ho'olomim
Israel Schorr 8:12 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-35 Sheyiboneh Beis Hamikdosh
Israel Schorr 4:35 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-35 V'lirushalayim Irkhu
Israel Schorr 4:13 Liturgical Hebrew