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Jewish Songs Performed By Emma Schaver

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Jewish Songs Performed By Emma Schaver

About Emma Lazaroff Schaver (Emma Schaver)
Emma Schaver Emma Lazaroff Schaver was a member of the first cultural mission to Europe sponsored by the World Jewish Congress and UNRWA, a UN agency. She traveled from camp to camp in the American zone in Germany presenting concerts of Yiddish and Hebrew songs to the survivors — reviving their Jewish soul. “When I saw the condition of the people, I volunteered to stay longer.” Mrs. Schaver remained in post war Europe for six months because “I felt I had something to do there.” “I was stunned by the...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-80 A Nign
Emma Schaver Leybush Lehrer, Lazar Weiner 3:41 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-80 Ani Maamin
Emma Schaver Mordechai Weiss 4:20 Hebrew
STM-80 Drai Yingalakh
Emma Schaver N. Sanlawsky 3:03 Yiddish
STM-80 Es Brent
Emma Schaver Mordkhe Gebirtig 3:37 Yiddish
STM-80 Kinneret
Emma Schaver Marc Lavry, Avigdor Hammeiri 3:34 Hebrew
STM-80 Nirkoda
Emma Schaver 4:16 Yiddish
STM-80 Reisele
Emma Schaver Mordkhe Gebirtig 3:46 Yiddish
STM-80 Shir Hashirim
Emma Schaver Lazar Saminsky 3:25 Hebrew
STM-80 Tsvei Vaise Toibn
Emma Schaver Solomon Golub 2:12 Yiddish
STM-80 Vig Lid
Emma Schaver 3:58 Lullaby Yiddish
STM-80 Zog Nit Keynmol
Emma Schaver Hirsh Glick, Dmitri Pokrass 2:52 Yiddish