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Jewish Songs Performed By Eleazer Schulman

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Jewish Songs Performed By Eleazer Schulman

About Eleazer Schulman
Eleazer Schulman Cantor Schulman was born in Newark, NJ, and was a decorated war hero. He served in the US Army for four years during WWII and earned five Battle Stars for major engagements, three Invasion Arrows for amphibious landings, Bronze Star, Purple Heart with ribbon, Good Conduct Medal with ribbonmedal of NY for conspicuous service with ribbon, and WWII Victory Star Medal. He served in the European, African, Middle Eastern campaign, the Rhineland campaign in southern Italy and in the south of France....

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-24 Akava Ben Mehalalel
Eleazer Schulman 5:13 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-24 Ata Nosein Yad La-Posh-Im
Eleazer Schulman 5:51 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-24 Av Horakhamim
Eleazer Schulman 6:47 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-24 Birkos Kohanim
Eleazer Schulman 4:56 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-24 Brikh Sh'mei
Eleazer Schulman 6:51 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-24 Essa Einei
Eleazer Schulman 5:05 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-24 V'harevnah
Eleazer Schulman 6:05 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-24 V'lirushalayim Irkhu
Eleazer Schulman 4:22 Liturgical Hebrew