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Jewish Songs Performed By David Roitman

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Jewish Songs Performed By David Roitman

About David Roitman
David Roitman David Roitman (18841943), "the poet of the pulpit," was one of the leading virtuoso cantors of the Golden Age of Hazzanut in America, celebrated equally for his vocal artistry along classical lines and his quintessentially eastern European improvisatory approach. He was also noted for his ability to fuse the musically cultivated and vocally schooled art of cantorial performance with the craft of the skilled ba'al t'filla (lay precentor or cantor)a craft that involves the artful...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-6 Al Tiroh Mipakhad Pisom
David Roitman 4:25 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 Havein Yakir Li
David Roitman 3:52 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 Hayom Teamtzenu
David Roitman 4:17 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 K'vakoras
David Roitman 2:29 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 Oshamnu Mikol Om
David Roitman 4:18 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 Ovinu Malkeinu
David Roitman 4:28 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 Rosh Khodesh Bentchen
David Roitman 7:55 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 Shokhnay Botay Shomer
David Roitman 4:13 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 V'khol Bor'ai Olom
David Roitman 2:02 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-6 V'lirushalayim Irkhu
David Roitman 4:35 Liturgical Hebrew