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Jewish Songs Performed By Aaron Bensoussan

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Jewish Songs Performed By Aaron Bensoussan

About Aaron Bensoussan
Aaron Bensoussan Aaron Bensoussan comes from a prominent Rabbinic dynasty that can trace its lineage back to Maimonides. His grandfather, Rabbi Haim Bensoussan, was the Chief Rabbi of Morocco. He immigrated to the USA in 1968, attending the Telsher Yeshiva in Chicago and the Yeshiva Torah Vadaat in New York. At the age of 24 he began his cantorial career as Hazzan at the Sephardic Jewish Center in Forest Hills, NY, a position he held for the next five years. After graduating the Seminary in 1986, he served...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-284 Adon Alom
Aaron Bensoussan 1:01 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 Bar Yochai
Aaron Bensoussan Aaron Bensoussan 2:50 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 D'ror Yikra
Aaron Bensoussan Aaron Bensoussan 2:43 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 Eishet Chayil
Aaron Bensoussan Aaron Bensoussan 3:26 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 L'cha Dodi
Aaron Bensoussan 4:24 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 Sholem Aleikhem
Aaron Bensoussan Jack Yellen, Lou Pollack 0:40 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-284 Sim Shalom
Aaron Bensoussan 3:13 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 Yibone Hamikdash
Aaron Bensoussan Aaron Bensoussan 4:17 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 Yoducha Ra'ayonai
Aaron Bensoussan 3:09 Sephardi Folk Hebrew
STM-284 Yom Hashabbat
Aaron Bensoussan Aaron Bensoussan 1:34 Sephardi Folk Hebrew