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Jewish Songs: Yiddish

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Jewish Songs: Yiddish

Found 1483 Songs
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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-11 A Question
Leibele Waldman 4:38 Liturgical Yiddish
STM-117 A Rendl a Vort
Shimon Dzigan and Yisroel Schumacher 8:44 Humor Yiddish
STM-205 A Rothschild In Your House
Daniel Kahn &The Painted Bird 2:40 Klezmer Yiddish
STM-264 A Sakh Melokhes, Venig Brokhes
Aaron Lebedeff 2:49 Theater Yiddish
STM-102 A Shepherd, A Dreamer
Jan Peerce Yakov Rappaport, Alexander Olshanetsky 3:42 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-202 A Shmek Tabek
David Rogow Boris Sandler 28:08 Story Telling Yiddish
STM-206 A Shod Dayne Trern
Karsten Troyke Benzion Witler 2:58 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-307 A shprits vaser
Bobe Adina Francisco Gabilondo Soler (Cri-Cri) 1:28 Children's Songs Yiddish
STM-327 A Song Book
Adrienne Cooper 4:56 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-329 A Stone on a Stone
Hot Pstromi and Yale Strom Itzik Feffer, Yale Strom 3:25 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-142 A Story of a Bright Lamp
Michael Ben-Avraham Yente Mash 9:33 Talk Yiddish
STM-142 A Strange People
Michael Ben-Avraham Rivke Kwiatnowski-Pinkhasik 10:25 Talk Yiddish
STM-74 A Sudenyu
Theodore Bikel 2:32 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-333 A tall tree, a beautiful tree, a strong tree
Leibu Levin 3:11 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-246 A Tfile
Sidor Belarsky M. Yanitch, Sidor Belarsky 3:16 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
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