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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Oak Rubin

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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Oak Rubin

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-103 Lomir Sikh Iberbetn
Jan Peerce Oak Rubin 2:57 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-189 Lomir Sikh Iberbetn
Leibele Jinich Oak Rubin 2:33 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-83 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
Joseph Rosenblatt Oak Rubin 3:56 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-239 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
Markus Klugier Oak Rubin 1:36 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-90 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
Martha Schlamme Oak Rubin 2:57 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-48 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
Moshe Teleshevsky Oak Rubin 4:31 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-107 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
Ruth Rubin Oak Rubin 1:47 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-81 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
The Robert Spiro Singers Oak Rubin 2:11 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-74 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn
Theodore Bikel Oak Rubin 1:43 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-112 Lomir Zikh Iberbetn - Oy, S'is Gut
Marv Kurz Oak Rubin 2:20 Jewish Folk Yiddish