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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Natan Alterman

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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Natan Alterman

About Natan Alterman
Natan Alterman Born in Warsaw, Natan Alterman moved to Tel Aviv in 1925 and was a student at the Herzliya Gymnasia. He went to France to study agronomy, but upon his return to Eretz Yisrael he devoted himself to a career of writing. Although known primarily as a poet, Alterman's literary talents extended to other genres as well. He wrote plays, theatrical sketches, and children's literature, and was a distinguished translator, translating works by Shakespeare, Moliere, and Racine into Hebrew. Alterman...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-0 Laila Laila
Mordechai Zeira, Natan Alterman 2:26 Israeli Folk Hebrew
STM-286 Laila Laila
Rifkah Mordechai Zeira, Natan Alterman 5:11 Israeli Folk Hebrew
STM-61 Laila Laila
Sharona Aron Mordechai Zeira, Natan Alterman 3:37 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-109 Laila Laila
Sholom Katz Mordechai Zeira, Natan Alterman 4:04 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-93 Laila Laila
The Young Israelians Mordechai Zeira, Natan Alterman 2:00 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-63 Laila Laila
Theodore Bikel Natan Alterman, Mordechai Zeira 2:53 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-56 Mikhtav Leima
Chava Alberstein Natan Alterman, Sarah Fershko 3:37 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-72 Yisroel Medley
The Barry Sisters Natan Alterman, Moshe Wilensky, Shmuel Fisher 6:06 Jewish Folk Yiddish