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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Moshe Wilensky

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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Moshe Wilensky

About Moshe Vilensky (Moshe Wilensky)
Moshe Wilensky Moshe Wilensky was born in Poland, studied music in Warsaw, and immigrated to Eretz Yisrael in 1932. He worked first in theaters as a pianist and composer, and became a prolific composer and lyricist for IDF musical troupes, including as composer for the Nahal choir in the 1950's, for films and for plays. He was in charge of the Israel Radio orchestra, and over the years he wrote more than one thousand songs. Wilensky received the Israel Prize in 1983 for his work in Hebrew music. Wilensky's...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-57 Findjan
Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe Moshe Wilensky, Chaim Hefer 2:24 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-61 Findjan
Sharona Aron Moshe Wilensky, Chaim Hefer 2:01 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-93 Findjan
The Young Israelians Moshe Wilensky, Chaim Hefer 1:55 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-69 Haroa Min Hagay
The International Folk Singers Moshe Wilensky, Eliaz 1:50 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-0 Haroah Haktanah
Moshe Wilensky 1:38 Khassidic Instrumental
STM-89 Katsir Baemek
Richard Tucker Moshe Wilensky 3:02 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-61 Le'or Hazikhronot
Sharona Aron Moshe Wilensky, Yekhiel Mohar 2:43 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-58 No Other Songs
Benny Amdursky Y. Gamzo, Moshe Wilensky 3:53 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-89 Sair Eres
Richard Tucker Moshe Wilensky 3:01 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-58 We Shall Pass
The Doodaim Yekhiel Mohar, Moshe Wilensky 2:36 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-106 We Will Pass
The Reservists Yekhiel Mohar, Moshe Wilensky, Menashe Levran 2:43 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-72 Yisroel Medley
The Barry Sisters Natan Alterman, Moshe Wilensky, Shmuel Fisher 6:06 Jewish Folk Yiddish