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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Chaim Hefer

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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Chaim Hefer

About Chaim Hefer
Chaim Hefer was born in 1925 in Poland and moved to Eretz Yisrael in 1936. He served in the Palmach and was one of the founders of "Chizbatron," the IDF's popular entertainment troupe. Many of Hefer's poems appeared in the newspapers, and he authored a weekly column for the newspaper Yediot Aharonot. In addition, he published several collections of his verses. Hefer is best known for his contributions to Israeli music. Many choral groups, including the army troupes, have performed...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-56 Al Hakefaq
K'nufiyah and Izhar Cohen Chaim Hefer, Izhar Cohen 3:17 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-65 Dudu
Trio Aravah Alexander Boskowitz, Chaim Hefer 3:16 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-57 Findjan
Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe Moshe Wilensky, Chaim Hefer 2:24 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-61 Findjan
Sharona Aron Moshe Wilensky, Chaim Hefer 2:01 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-93 Findjan
The Young Israelians Moshe Wilensky, Chaim Hefer 1:55 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-69 Hafindjan
The International Folk Singers Chaim Hefer 1:49 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-56 Hamilkhamah Ha'akhronah
Yehoram Gaon Chaim Hefer, Dov Seltzer 3:02 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-207 Lamidbar
Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 1:42 Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-0 Lamidbar
Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 4:03 Israeli Folk Instrumental
STM-0 Lamidbar
Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 3:17 Israeli Folk Hebrew
STM-57 Lamidbar
Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 2:03 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-69 Lamidbar
The International Folk Singers Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 1:45 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-110 Lamidbar
The Karmon Israeli Singers and Dancers Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 1:22 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-228 Lamidbar
The Parvarim Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 2:00 Israeli Folk Hebrew
STM-65 Lamidbar
Trio Aravah Alexander Argov, Chaim Hefer 1:30 Jewish Folk Hebrew
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