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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Celia Dropkin

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Jewish Songs composed or authored by Celia Dropkin

About Celia Dropkin
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin (December 5, 1887 [November 22 in the old Gregorian calendar] - Aug. 18, 1956) was a Yiddish poet. (In Yiddish her name was Tsipe, probably short for Zipporah, and later Tsilye Drapkin). She was born in Bobruysk, Belarus to an assimilated Russian-Jewish family. Her father, a forester, died of tuberculosis when Dropkin was young. Dropkin, with her mother and sister, were taken in by wealthy relatives. Dropkin exhibited intellectual abilities at a young age. She attended...

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-215 A Libe-Briv
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 0:51 Poetry Yiddish
STM-215 Bay Nakht In Ekskurshon-Treyn (Zingt Di Ban a Lid)
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 2:10 Poetry Yiddish
STM-215 Estern (Tsu a Tokhter)
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 0:48 Poetry Yiddish
STM-215 Oif Dayn Goldn Kepele
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 0:34 Poetry Yiddish
STM-215 Shvere Gedanken
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 0:46 Poetry Yiddish
STM-215 Tsepralte Hent Fun Beymer (Durkh Nakht un Regn)
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 0:54 Poetry Yiddish
STM-215 Vays Vi Der Shney
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 0:36 Poetry Yiddish