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Jewish Songs: V

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Jewish Songs: V

Found 160 Songs beginning with the letter V
Displaying Songs 61-75

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-110 Vayiven Uziahu
The Karmon Israeli Singers and Dancers 2:32 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-196 Vayl Ikh Bin A Yidele
Adrienne Cooper and Zalmen Mlotek Yankele Hershkowitz 2:23 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-215 Vays Vi Der Shney
Celia Dropkin Celia Dropkin 0:36 Poetry Yiddish
STM-264 Vayt Fun Der Heym
Aaron Lebedeff 3:05 Theater Yiddish
STM-317 Vayter, Vayter
Klezamir 3:42 Klezmer Yiddish
STM-114 Ve'nislakh
Nichoach Chabad Choir 4:26 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-114 Ve'somakhto Be'khaghekho
Nichoach Chabad Choir 2:58 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-21 Veal Yedei
Savel Kwartin 2:28 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-254 Veal Yedei Avadecha Hanevim
Louis Danto 7:44 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-64 Vedaveed
Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe and Geula Gill Dov Seltzer 2:14 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-0 Vedavid Yefe Eynaynim
2:18 Israeli Folk Hebrew
STM-110 Vedavid Yefe Eynaynim
The Karmon Israeli Singers and Dancers 2:46 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-215 Vegener
Yankev Glatshteyn Yankev Glatshteyn 1:12 Poetry Yiddish
STM-66 Vehaer Enenu
Shlomo Carlibach Menashe Levran 3:35 Jewish Folk Hebrew
STM-235 Vehavienu Lezion
Shuli Gad Reuven Sirotkin 2:50 Khassidic Hebrew
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