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Jewish Songs: P

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Jewish Songs: P

Found 93 Songs beginning with the letter P
Displaying Songs 46-60

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-196 Peshe Fun Reshe
Adrienne Cooper and Zalmen Mlotek Misha Veksler, Leyb Rosental 3:09 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-244 Photo Album: Cheder (Mah Nishtanah); Escape; Reminiscence
Safam Robert Solomon 17:29 Israeli Folk English
STM-138 Piesn I z Antygony
Edyta Geppert & Kroke 3:07 Jewish Folk Polish
STM-46 Pitkhu Li
Moshe Taubé Sholom Secunda 4:39 Liturgical Hebrew
STM-142 Pity on Living Things
Michael Ben-Avraham Leah Robinson 9:35 Talk Yiddish
STM-152 Piyyut Naeh
Rosa Zaragoza 3:17 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-134 Podilska
Konsonans Retro 2:28 This song has been removed at the copyright owner's request Jewish Folk Instrumental
STM-237 Podo VSholom Nafshi
A Group of Lubavitcher Chassidim 5:14 Khassidic Hebrew
STM-108 Polka Mazurka
Paul Pincus 2:00 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-306 Popugayke fort avek
Bobe Adina Francisco Gabilondo Soler (Cri-Cri) 1:51 Children's Songs Yiddish
STM-212 Por Amar una Donzea
Betty Klein 2:28 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-154 Por el valverde
Joaquín Díaz 0:32 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-154 Por la tu puerta yo pasi
Joaquín Díaz 1:46 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-156 Por la tu puerta yo pasi
Lauren Pomerantz 2:17 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-159 Por la tu puerta yo pasi
Ricky Gal 1:46 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
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