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Jewish Songs: P

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Jewish Songs: P

Found 93 Songs beginning with the letter P
Displaying Songs 16-30

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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-88 Papirosn
Yaffa Yarkoni Herman Yablokoff 3:19 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-187 Papirosn
Yale Strom 3:26 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-212 Para Que Me Pario Mama
Betty Klein 3:29 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-155 Para que quiero yo mas vivir
La Bazanca 2:42 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-161 Para que quiero yo mas vivir
Various Artists 1:33 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-205 Parasites
Daniel Kahn &The Painted Bird Daniel Kahn 6:15 Jewish Folk English
STM-185 Parlami d' amore mari˙
Jane Tenenbaum Ennio Neri, C.A. Bixio 5:14 Jewish Folk Italian
STM-312 Partizanenlied
Ami Flammer, Moshe Leiser and Gerard Barreaux H. Glick/D. Pokrass 3:10 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-82 Partizaner Lid
Martha Schlamme 2:37 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-241 Partizanim
1:13 Yiddish Folk Yiddish, English
STM-321 Parto, parto ma tu ben mio
Varda Kotler 6:01 Liturgical Italian
STM-316 Pasacalles SefardÝ
Ana Alcaine 3:49 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-200 Paseos Inoportunos
Eliseo Parra and JosÚ Manuel Fraile Gil 2:25 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-286 Pasharo de Ermozura
Rifkah 3:09 Sephardi Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-0 Pashtu Kvassim
Matityahu Shelem 2:04 Israeli Folk Instrumental
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