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Jewish Songs: F

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Jewish Songs: F

Found 77 Songs beginning with the letter F
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Album Song Title About The Song Performer Author or Composer Time Play Genre Language
STM-329 Factory Song
Hot Pstromi and Yale Strom Yale Strom 4:18 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-238 Faith Alone
Isaac Goodfriend Fran Ziffer, Hardy Wieder, Sholom Secunda 3:26 Israeli Folk English
STM-274 Faith Is Not a Flag (Duomo)
Rabbi Joe Black Rabbi Joe Black 4:49 Israeli Folk English
STM-246 Falende Bleter
Sidor Belarsky Abraham Liessin, H. Lefkowitch 3:28 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-170 Falla: Psyché
Victoria de los Angeles Jean-Aubry 4:56 Jewish Folk Djudeoespanyol
STM-244 Falsha Nevermore
Safam Robert Solomon 4:28 Israeli Folk English
STM-267 Family
Safam Joel Sussman Israeli Folk English
STM-264 Far Dir, Libe Mayn
Aaron Lebedeff 3:01 Theater Yiddish
STM-118 Far From The Home I Love
Isaac Stern and John Williams Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick 2:58 Jewish Folk English
STM-59 Far From The Home I Love
Shmuel Rudensky Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick 2:22 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-265 Far Nile, Nokh Nile
Aaron Lebedeff 2:48 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-273 Far Vos?
Farbragen Fiddlers 3:12 Yiddish Folk Yiddish
STM-70 Farghess Mikh Nit
The Barry Sisters Abe Ellstein, Jacob Jacobs 4:28 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-96 Farvos Is Der Himl
Sarah Fershko L. Peskin 3:04 Jewish Folk Yiddish
STM-89 Faryomert, farklogt
Richard Tucker Abraham Goldfaden 2:40 Jewish Folk Yiddish
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