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Nachum Heiman
Songs Composed: 2 songs

Nachum Heiman is one of Israel's most beloved composers of popular songs. A product of the first Nachal (Army) Song Troupe (Lahakat hanachal), he is a graduate of the Rubin Conservatory in Jerusalem. During his early years he was a member of Kibbutz Beit Alpha, and founded the well-known Gevatron choir. He has dedicated much of his time to the development of Chavurot Zemer (amateur singing societies), of which there are about 600 in Israel now. His best known songs include "Hofim," "Re-ach Tapuach Odem Shani," "Anita v'Huan," "Hanitzanim yir-U Ba'aretz," "Eretz Sheva Minim," "K'mo Tzemach Bar," and "Shuvi Bat Yerushalayim." Nachum Heiman has received much recognition as a composer of music for films, and received several nominations for oscars this past year from the Israeli Film Academy. He has worked with many of our country's leading singers, and during the 15 years that he spent in Paris and London his songs were performed by some of the top singers in Europe.